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2 Women Flee Traffic Stop Almost Striking Officer

The Guelph Police Service is investigating after an officer was almost struck during a traffic stop Tuesday afternoon.

Approximately 1:40 p.m. a member of the Guelph Police Service Traffic Unit was in his cruiser outside the police station when the automated licence plate reader alerted him to a passing vehicle associated to a prohibited driver.


The officer began following the vehicle until it came to a stop in a parking lot near Gordon Street and Wellington Street. Officers spoke to the two female occupants and determined both are prohibited drivers.

While officers were speaking to the driver she suddenly climbed into the rear seat. The other female locked the doors, moved into the driver’s seat and began driving, almost hitting one of the officers.


The vehicle fled westbound on Wellington Street West at a high rate of speed, failing to stop at controlled intersections. Officers observed the driving from a distance and did not pursue in the interest of public safety.

The investigation is ongoing and efforts are being made to locate the involved women.

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