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Guelph Santa's Runway Waverly Dr

400 Candles Lights Up Santa’s Runway on Waverly Dr

A unique Christmas Eve tradition called “Santa’s Runway” illuminated Waverley Drive for the third consecutive year. Spearheaded by the Morris family, who were inspired by a similar tradition in Carlisle, this festive event involved lighting about 400 candles along the road. These candles were placed in bags filled with sand to create a charming luminary effect, ensuring safety as the candles burnt into the sand.


The event, which encouraged neighborhood participation, began at 6 p.m., transforming the street into a welcoming, communal space. Residents gathered to walk along the candle-lit path, enjoying the festive atmosphere that also included playing Christmas carols and setting up stations for hot chocolate and cider.


The preparation for Santa’s Runway was a communal effort, with neighbors coming together on December 22nd to help assemble the bags in the Morris family’s garage. Participation extended to approximately 40 homes, each contributing to the event’s success.

While the event was currently confined to the stretch between Stevenson and Riverside, there was hope to expand it to neighboring streets in the coming years.

This initiative not only brought festive cheer to the community but also fostered a sense of unity and collaboration among the residents.

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