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Caught Diversity

A Great Thing Growing

The City of Guelph is hands down the most unique and beautiful community; arguably in all of Canada. We have a concentration of the most loving and caring people from such a wonderful diverse range of cultures and backgrounds.

Having a platform to engage online, to assist one another, to provide community news, information and happenings as it happens directly from those who experience it, is what our online community is about. 

Thousands of people have found assistance from fellow members, created new friendships and assisted others within our online community. 

We value goodness. We support local. 

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+ Active Members and Growing Everyday!
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Latest Guelph Community Happenings

Community events and information direct from the people - often times immediately as it happens. See it on Caught first!


Bringing joy, laughter and humour is never a bad idea! Bring that smile to someone's face.


Ask for help. Offer help. We're all here for each other. Experience what our beautiful city is known for!

Support Local

A strong local economy is vital to a healthy community. Support local businesses!


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