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Alcohol Recovery Room Part of University Plans for Safe St. Patrick’s Celebrations

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, efforts are underway to ensure a safe celebration this weekend.

Jessamine Luck, the University of Guelph’s stakeholder communications manager, emphasized that safeguarding the community and students is a key concern for the institution.

The university has coordinated with local law enforcement and the Guelph Fire Department in preparation for the festivities, planning for an increased presence of campus safety officers, police, and bylaw enforcement in areas surrounding the university, according to Luck.


The turnout for the celebrations could vary with the weather. Forecasts predict a mild 10°C with potential rain on Saturday, while Sunday might see cooler temperatures at 4°C, with possible rain or snow.

Det. Sgt. Chris Probst noted that no road closures are scheduled, but additional measures will be in place to manage safety effectively.

Authorities have the discretion to shut roads if it becomes necessary to protect the public.

For noise or disruptive gatherings, residents are advised to report to the Guelph police at 519-824-1212. Parking issues can be addressed by contacting the city’s bylaw officers.


The university intends to inform students about the risks associated with large, unauthorized events and the importance of being considerate neighbors.

A neighborhood clean-up is organized for the following Monday if required.

Guelph police, in collaboration with other city departments, aim to maintain safety while ensuring the community enjoys the festivities, Probst added. He also mentioned the likelihood of RIDE check programs being implemented.

Furthermore, the University of Guelph will offer a Campus Recovery Room on Saturday from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., providing a safe space for students to sober up and alleviating pressure on local healthcare facilities.

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