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City of Guelph

Almost 500 City of Guelph Employees Made More Than $100K in 2023

In 2023, the tally of municipal employees earning over $100,000 increased to 486, marking an uptick from the previous years’ counts of 437 in 2022 and 408 in 2021. This statistic does not encompass the earnings of Guelph police personnel, which will be disclosed in a separate report.

A report released by city staff on Friday highlighted the top earners within the municipality. Chief Administrative Officer Scott Stewart topped the list with a salary of $277,079 and additional taxable benefits amounting to $11,628. He was closely followed by Deputy CAOs Colleen Clack-Bush, with earnings of $245,252 and benefits of $7,811; Trevor Lee, who made $244,069 with $7,801 in benefits; and Jayne Holmes, who earned $238,473 and received $7,675 in benefits.


This report, often referred to as the ‘sunshine list,’ annually discloses the names and positions of municipal employees whose earnings exceed $100,000. It forms part of a broader initiative to publish the earnings of all Ontario public sector workers who meet or exceed this salary threshold, expected later in the month.

Among the City of Guelph staff, five individuals received salaries over $200,000, including Guelph Public Library CEO Steven Kraft, who was paid $208,610.

Mayor Cam Guthrie also made the list, with earnings of $155,192 funded by city taxpayers last year.

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