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Arnold Schwarzenegger Filming in Elora

Arnold Schwarzenegger was recently seen shooting for the Netflix series FUBAR in Downtown Elora, right outside the town hall.

At 76, Arnold Schwarzenegger boasts a career as a bodybuilder, movie star, entrepreneur, and former governor. His latest venture brought him to Elora, where he was caught on camera filming a Netflix series by the town hall on a cloudy, rainy Tuesday morning.

The setting for the shoot at 1 MacDonald Sq. was dressed up to resemble an American scene, complete with U.S. flags and Postal Service signage, transforming the Centre Wellington town hall into the “Heritage Museum & Cultural Center.”

Becky Bayne Lalui, Sarah Calow; Facebook


Local officials had notified residents last week of restricted parking and limited access to the town hall from April 26 through Thursday, due to the filming.

Although the film crew, who started setting up last Friday, initially kept the details of the production under wraps, it was later confirmed they were working on the second season of a Netflix series. While signs around Elora labeled the location as “Oink” on Tuesday, this was just a decoy name. Schwarzenegger is indeed the lead in FUBAR, which is currently in production for its upcoming season.


The presence of the film star generated a buzz around town. Earlier that day, crew members visited a local coffee shop, leading the owner, Bingham, to speculate that Schwarzenegger might have enjoyed a cup of their coffee, even expressing hope that the actor might visit in person.

Laura Demers, who owns several shops in Downtown Elora, commented that while the filming might not significantly impact her businesses directly, it was likely to boost the local hospitality sector.

Chris Near; Facebook

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