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Bad Gas Possibly Contaminated with Windshield Washer Fluid

A month after purchasing contaminated gasoline from a gas station on Woolwich Street, affected customers are beginning to receive explanations. The gasoline was found to be mixed with windshield washer fluid, as experienced by one customer, Ella van Oene, who faced a $1,200 repair bill after her car broke down post-refueling at the Mobil station located at 546 Woolwich St. The contamination was confirmed by WearCheck, a global network of independent laboratories specializing in oil and wear particle analysis, which identified the substance as likely windshield washer fluid. Experts suggest the contamination could have occurred if the tanker was not properly cleaned after transporting washer fluid, a practice since the same trucks often carry both substances.


Subsequently, the gas station has been closed, and all signs of Mobil branding removed. A notice from Apex Property Management indicates the station’s operator has been evicted due to the mortgagee’s request. John Parchenko, COO of Apex, stated that the former operator would not return and the future of the property remains uncertain amid ongoing investigations.


Travelers Canada, the liability insurer, has reached out to affected customers, promising reimbursement and has scheduled testing for March 4. Ella van Oene has been informed of her reimbursement, expressing relief and no ill feelings towards those involved. However, Laci Frazier, another victim who incurred nearly $1,600 in damages, expresses frustration over the situation and the lack of communication from Travelers Canada. Meanwhile, questions remain on how the contamination occurred, with comparisons drawn between the vastly different substances of gasoline and windshield washer fluid, and some customers like Holstein still awaiting contact about reimbursement.

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