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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph June Recognition – Jan

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guelph’s June Spotlight Volunteer is Jan!

“It is a very rewarding opportunity with the potential to make a huge impact on someone’s life. The commitment is not too much, but the effect you can have on someone’s life is immense”

Jan joined the agency as an In-School Mentor in early 2022 and was eager to have a lasting effect on someone’s life in the same way his own older brother provided that for him. He explains, “by growing up with a bigger brother myself who is now one of my closest friends, I realize the impact it can have and I wanted to provide that opportunity to someone else”.

Jan is very understanding, adaptable and supportive of his mentee’s needs and interests. Jan is always game for whatever his mentee wants to do that day, and encourages his mentee to feel confident about his passions. Jan spoke of his favourite memory with his mentee: “My favourite memory is starting to design the cafe he dreams of owning one day. I felt very privileged to help him chase his dream and work on this project together which meant a lot to him. Aside from that, it was also a lot of fun and something he was very engaged in.”

Through Jan’s calm and encouraging approach, his mentee has become more self-assured and better able to respond to some of the challenges he was experiencing. Jan reflects, “My mentee has grown within our relationship, as well as outside of it in his maturity and character. He has become much more comfortable in our relationship and able to open up and talk to me about issues in his life. Outside of this, he has matured and grown to overcome difficulties and communicate honestly.” Jan is always trying to bring out the best in his mentee, and seeing his mentee grow over the last two school years has been Jan’s favourite part of being a mentor.

Jan even continued the match when his mentee moved schools, and played a pivotal role in helping his mentee adapt to being at a new school. Throughout their time together, Jan has continued to be a consistent support and positive force in his mentee’s life, which has had a huge impact.

We appreciate all the amazing things you have brought to your match, Jan! Thanks for making a difference!

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