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Guelph Police Service

Brampton Man Assaults Downtown Restaurant Staff

A Brampton man faces several charges after repeatedly assaulting an employee at a downtown restaurant and then returning to the business once released from custody.

Approximately 8:40 p.m. Saturday police were called to the business. An employee recognized a male who had previously been banned from the business and asked him to leave. The male spat in the employee’s face and shoved him, then began knocking over tables and chairs while yelling death threats and threw a bottle of water at the victim.


Police arrived and located the suspect still inside the restaurant. He was arrested on a number of charges but initially refused to provide his name and date of birth.

He eventually identified himself and was released on an undertaking, including a condition he not attend the business or have contact with the victim. Less than 24 hours later police were called back to the business as the male had returned.


A 20-year-old Brampton man is charged with three counts of assault, uttering death threats, obstructing police and failing to comply with an undertaking. Following his second arrest he was held for a bail hearing and has been released to appear in court February 9.

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