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Car Speeding in Guelph News

Cambridge Man Caught 109 km/h on Speedvale; Impaired, Resisting Arrest, Cannabis & Shrooms

What began as a traffic stop for stunt driving turned into several criminal charges for a Cambridge man Tuesday evening.

Just after 8 p.m. a member of the Guelph Police Service was on an unrelated traffic stop on Speedvale Avenue West near Elmira Road North when he observed a vehicle approaching at high speed. The vehicle was clocked at 109 km/h in a posted 60 km/h zone.

The officer stepped from his cruiser, which had the emergency lighting activated, and signalled the driver to stop. The driver made no effort to slow down and passed close to the officer, nearly striking him.


The officer was able to catch up to the vehicle and pull it over. He immediately detected a strong odour of alcoholic beverage and could see several open beer cans inside the vehicle. The driver refused to comply with demands to exit the vehicle and rolled up his window, trapping the officer’s arm as he attempted to open the vehicle.

The officer was eventually able to remove the male from the vehicle after smashing the side window.


A search of the vehicle subsequent to arrest revealed several containers of loose cannabis and psilocybin.

A 42-year-old Cambridge man is charged with impaired driving, stunt driving, resisting arrest, possessing a controlled substance, failing to stop when directed and speeding. His vehicle was impounded for 30 days and his license was suspended for 90 days. He will appear in court November 28.

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