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Cardiac Fitness Association CFA Guelph News

Cardiac Fitness Association Seeking Community Assistance

When Dr. John Schaman, M.D. began practicing in cardiac rehabilitation, he set out to provide accessible cardiac rehabilitation to everyone who needed it, regardless of age, income, profession, or background. He has dedicated his life to this purpose. Over the past 43 years, the Cardiac Fitness Association (CFA) has served many thousands of individuals in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and Breslau area and beyond, helping members to significantly improve their health, knowledge, and quality of life.

One of the innovations the CFA introduced to support life-changing patient cardiac rehabilitation is the wireless digital Telemetry System. To our knowledge, no one anywhere provides this service in a cardiac rehab setting. This is likely because there is no reimbursement for this type of ECG recording, even though it is critical to safe and effective exercise in this population. More than 1,000 patients benefit from this technology at the CFA clinic annually.

The Cardiac Fitness Association (Registered charity #119220242 RR 0001) is now seeking community donations totaling $90,000 to continue to offer this critical community service. The current system is more than 20 years old and has deteriorated to the point that it needs to be replaced. The cardiac rehabilitation program operates through donations, and it does not have the money to replace the aging system.

“I have always enjoyed walking in parks and natural settings. I appreciate the many cardiac health benefits this activity brings above and beyond the simple joy and mental relaxation associated with spending time outside, breathing fresh air and enjoying the sounds of nature.”, says Dr. John Schaman, M.D. “This is part of the reason we integrate the Telemetry System into our clinical care. I want to extend these experiences and benefits to everyone we serve in a safe, comfortable community environment, regardless of where they stand in their cardiac rehabilitation journey or their life circumstances.”

Picture people walking around a track in a natural outdoor setting, enjoying the benefits of exercise, community, trees, and fresh air, while this technology proactively monitors heart activity and vital signs to support the tracking of improved wellness and the identification of “hidden” issues that can be addressed before they become real problems. This is the benefit of the Telemetry System.


As a charity that operates on a shoestring budget supported by volunteers, the $90,000 replacement cost is not one that can be covered through Cardiac Fitness Association operating funds. The clinic and the tri-city community risk losing this important service. So do the people who visit the clinic and their families.

Everyone who attends the Cardiac Fitness Association program speaks highly of the care, support, and education they experience, and of the positive impact of the clinic community and connections they have enjoyed along the way. They have become healthier, happier, and more knowledgeable in their recovery. They and their families have benefited.

To support the continuation of this critical, one-of-a-kind community service, please donate through the website CFAheart.com, the related GoFundMe page, or by contacting Mike Whitmore, President of Cardiac Fitness Association, president@cfaheart.com. The Cardiac Fitness Association, members and families thank you for helping to keep this community health care strong and alive, so our families, networks, and businesses survive and thrive. You never know when this clinic may be needed in your life. Sponsorship packages and other donation options are also available.

About The Cardiac Fitness Association – CFA

Cardiac Fitness Association CFA Guelph News - Dr. John Schaman, M.D.The Breslau-based Cardiac Fitness Association (CFA) opened in 1980 as a registered charity. With the medical supervision of Dr. John Schaman M.D., the CFA offers support, education, and community for people in all stages of cardiac rehabilitation, regardless of age, background, profession, or income. The care and services of the association are made possible by the generous support and donation of the local community.

Registered Charity #119220242 RR 0001


Shannon O’Rourke

Mike Whitmore

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