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Cocaine, Meth and Fentanyl Traffickers Charged

Two males were arrested Monday during an ongoing drug trafficking investigation.

Members of the Guelph Police Service Break Enter Auto Theft Unit began an investigation in mid-October into a Fergus man believed to be involved in trafficking in Guelph. On Monday, he and a second man were observed visiting several locations known to be involved in the drug trade.

At 10:30 a.m. a traffic stop was conducted near Elmira Road North and Massey Road. During a search incident to arrest officers recovered quantities of suspected methamphetamine, fentanyl and cocaine, nearly $5,800 in cash, four cellphones and drug paraphernalia.


A 36-year-old Guelph male and 27-year-old Fergus male are each charged with three counts of possessing controlled substances for the purpose of trafficking. The Fergus male is also charged with nine counts of driving while prohibited and driving under suspension.

The Guelph male will appear in court January 5. The Fergus male was held for a bail hearing Tuesday.

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