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Community and pollinator gardens in Guelph

Community and Pollinator Gardens in Guelph

Want to bring a whole new meaning to local food? Why not volunteer for a community garden today and help provide fresh fruits and vegetables just around the corner.

Learn more at https://guelph.ca/communitygardens

About Community Gardens

The community garden program encourages volunteers to use City parks and other public spaces (like schools) as locations for fruit, vegetable and pollinator gardens that benefit the community.

Having fruits and vegetables grown just around the corner in your park brings a whole new meaning to local food. Pollinator gardens also provide a food source for a variety of wildlife including insects and some bird species.

There are many different models of community gardens, including traditional vegetable gardens, pollinator gardens and even community orchards.

View Map of Community Gardens and Pollinator Gardens in Guelph

Traditional Community Garden

A traditional community garden invites people to rent a plot to grow and harvest their own fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers.

Communal Garden

In a communal garden, people garden as a team. They may share or donate some of the food they grow with local community groups or agencies.

Food Forest

Sometimes called a “community orchard” a food forest is a mixture of fruit trees and shrubs maintained by a group of volunteers, where everyone (including local wildlife) is welcome to enjoy the fruit.

Pollinator Garden

Pollinator garden feature plants and flowers that provide nectar and pollen resources for bees and other important insects. They can also provide food and habitat for other wildlife, or stormwater infiltration. Volunteers can help maintain the gardens and help inspire people to create pollinator gardens on their own properties.

Interested in Starting a Community Garden?

Interested in starting your very own community garden next spring? The deadline to apply to get a garden in your community park is October 31.

For more information
Community Garden Coordinator

Community Sponsor

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