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Contaminated Fuel at Guelph Gas Station Leads to Costly Repairs

In a recent incident first posted in the ‘Caught in Guelph (and Area)‘ community, numerous drivers are facing substantial car repair bills after purchasing contaminated gas. The issue first came to light when members of the community reported that gasoline bought at the Mobil gas station at 546 Woolwich St. in Guelph, Ontario, was mixed with water.

Affected drivers, who refueled their vehicles at the said station last Friday, were compelled to tow their cars for repair services, incurring expenses as high as $800. Laci Fontana, a local resident, noted that at least 25 people were impacted, a number which could be higher. The common issue among these drivers was their cars failing to start, necessitating towing and tank draining services. All these incidents traced back to gasoline purchased at the same Mobil gas station.


The station operator has acknowledged the problem and is currently working with the affected customers to address the issue. The cause of the contamination has been identified, although specific details were not disclosed.

Laci Fontana, who took her vehicle to a KIA dealership, was initially quoted repair costs ranging from $800 to $2,000. However, upon seeking further opinions, she was informed that the repairs for her KIA Sorrento would be around $800. This incident has left many drivers with substantial costs: fuel purchases ranging between $30 and $90, towing charges from $90 to $160, and repair bills between $160 to $800.


The gas station temporarily ceased operations on Monday and Tuesday following the incident, with signs indicating that the pumps were ‘out of stock.’

In response to the situation, those affected have initiated a Facebook group chat to discuss the possibility of a class-action lawsuit. The group is seeking accountability and reimbursement for the expenses incurred due to the contaminated fuel. Complaints about the gasoline first emerged on the same day the station’s tanks were refilled, prompting a technician to investigate the matter.

The station operator has expressed a commitment to compensating the affected customers, though the specifics of the compensation plan have yet to be detailed.

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