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The Goofie Newfie Pub & Grill

Dine and Dash at The Goofie Newfie

The Goofie Newfie Pub & Grill has publicly called out a group of customers on social media after an apparently planned dine-and-dash last weekend.

On the restaurant’s Facebook page, a message was posted and shared with the Caught in Guelph (and Area) community. They asked for assistance in identifying a group of men who allegedly neglected to pay their almost $300 bill after “belittling their amazing server to the point of tears.”

“This is just not something that normally happens in Fergus, it’s not something we normally deal with,” restaurant owner Rebecca O’Brien said.

On Sunday, five men entered the establishment, ordering various appetizers, meals, and drinks, seemingly enjoying their time. But as the time to pay arrived, they began to quarrel over a round of drinks, despite evidence at the bar supporting the accuracy of the bill.

“They were fine, like just normal everyday customers having a nice experience and then at the end they created this crazy scene, like so much everybody on the patio was part of the scene,” O’Brien said.

The group paid for one round of drinks in cash, but when the server returned with the change, the men were gone, having skipped out on the remaining bill, close to $300.


“It just seemed calculated, the way that they caused the scene at the end then they did pay for that round that was what started the debate,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien hoped they might return if it was an honest mistake, but she doubts that’s the case given their behavior.

“They were so rude and miserable to my staff, I wanted people to know that these aren’t nice people,” O’Brien said.


O’Brien’s post also aimed to warn other restaurants to watch for this group, in case they attempt the same elsewhere.

So far, no one has recognized the group—O’Brien thinks they’re not local—but she was astonished by the strong support the restaurant has received since sharing the incident.

Shockingly, after not experiencing a dine-and-dash in recent memory, it happened again on Tuesday when two men left without paying for two pitchers of beer, claiming they were going out for a smoke. They left a phone and wallet but retrieved them before leaving.

Head on over to the Caught in Guelph (and Area) community and join the conversation.

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