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Church of our Lady Basilica

Diocese Exploring Cost of Basilica Spires

There is a glimmer of hope for those eager to witness the restoration of the pinnacles atop Guelph’s renowned landmark. Ian Duffy, the pastor at the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, has confirmed that there is a commitment to actively explore the available possibilities and obtain price estimates.

After months of uncertainty and skepticism surrounding the pinnacles, which were dismantled in December due to severe deterioration, progress is finally being made. The pinnacles, composed of pre-cast concrete from the 1920s, required urgent attention. Representatives from the Diocese of Hamilton visited the church on Monday to discuss maintenance matters, and it was the officials who initiated discussions about the pinnacles.

While this renewed commitment instills a sense of hope in Duffy, he also admits to feeling a hint of apprehension. He acknowledged that the prevailing consensus suggests the project will likely be expensive. He further stated, “We will assess the cost estimates and explore potential funding sources.”

Back in February, Duffy said that he was awaiting action from the Diocese, which had promised to undertake additional work in the Spring. However, there were no updates throughout the Spring and early Summer.

The next steps involve examining the potential materials that could be utilized, exploring appropriate procedures, and determining the financial requirements. At this stage, a specific timeline for the project remains unknown.

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