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Driver Flees Police at Oncoming Traffic and Red Lights

The Guelph Police Service is investigating after a driver fled from police Saturday evening.

Approximately 6:15 p.m. police were responding to an unrelated matter near Silvercreek Parkway North and Willow Road when an officer saw a male get out of a pickup, look at the officer then immediately get back in.


The truck was driven to a nearby gas station, where it parked next to a pump for several minutes before driving away. An officer began following in an unmarked cruiser but the suspect drove into oncoming traffic to run a red light.

As the officer followed, the suspect was observed repeatedly driving into oncoming traffic and forcing other cars to swerve out of the way. The pursuit was discontinued in the interest of public safety. The truck, described as a blue Ford F150, was last seen getting onto the southbound Hanlon Expressway from Wellington Street West. The investigation is ongoing. 

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