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Madison Roberts

Feel Good Sunday: Eloise Finds a Friend

On Sunday morning, Caught in Guelph (and Area) community member Madison Roberts shares to the Guelph community of her family’s recent positive experience.


Madison writes: 

Good morning Guelph!

Last night my family and I went to watch my brother play baseball (go guelph royals!)

While there, my 1.5 year old was not feeling her stroller at all, and I mean AT ALL 😅😅

She kept seeing all the other children running around and wanted out, so I reluctantly unbuckled her and let her run wild. She ran right up to a bunch of young boys who did not have any interest in her, then she waddled up to a group of young girls, who again didn’t have any interest in our little Eloise. She would travel from group to group, occasionally looking back to see if I was close by. I continued to follow her around the grass as she tried to interact with the other children, 4+ years older than her, with no luck.

I’m a first time mom, so this was the first time I’ve experienced no one wanting to “play” with my child, also, im quite aware she’s way younger than the other children, but I still just wanted someone to say “hi” back to her, as she approached them with her little “hi’s”

As I was about to pick her up to bring her back to her stroller, a young blonde girl approached. She went up to my daughter and said “Hi there”. My daughters eyes lit up, she was thrilled. This little girl was probably 7+ years older than our daughter, and played with her for about 30 minutes.


She was showing her flowers, and how to lay down on the grass and look at the clouds, if she would approach the gravel, she would redirect my daughter to the grass as the stones could hurt her feet (1.5 remember, crocs came off long before this🤣)
She was kind, and sweet, and my daughter took to her instantly, infact, I joked around that Eloise listened more to this little girl than me, her own mama!!

It started to get pretty chilly out, and my family and I left early. I asked the little girl what her name was, and she said “Catherine”. I thanked her for being a great friend to Eloise, and that I appreciated her kindness. My daughter then gave her a big hug. I couldn’t believe what an impact Catherine had made on Eloise!

I’m hoping this will reach Catherine’s parents, or family members, and that when it does, you are reminded what an amazing little girl you have, and take pride in the kindness your daughter showed a little girl, and the smile she brought to me.

I took some photos and videos of your sweet Catherine and my little Eloise, and I’d love to send them to you if you see this!

For now, I’ll post one without a face attached, other than my daughters 💗

Thank you Catherine, for being a great little friend.


Immediately well received by the community, the post is quickly garnering hundreds of reacts. Head on over to the Caught in Guelph (and Area) community and join the conversation in Guelph today.

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