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Guelph Lost Bird Budgie

Found Budgie in Guelph Causes Quite a Stir

Maria Orlando posted in the Caught in Guelph (and Area) community on July 28th of a budgie that she had spotted in the area of Grange St and William St. 

Hoping to connect the lost bird that was perched window side of a white sedan, instead in only a few days the post had reached over half a million people and garnishing engagement in the tens of thousands. 

Join the conversation and share. 

Pet budgies, also known as parakeets, are small, vibrant birds known for their sociability and intelligence. They are adored for their friendly disposition, charming chirps, and capacity to mimic human speech, which makes them particularly popular as pets. With their beautiful, multicoloured plumage and lively personalities, pet budgies can bring much joy to their caretakers. Their care requires dedicated attention, including a balanced diet, social interaction, mental stimulation, and a safe and spacious environment to thrive in.

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