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Guelph Speed Camera Vandalized

Guelph Automated Speed Cameras Generated Almost $500K in 5 Months

In Guelph, the newly implemented automated speed enforcement program has accumulated a significant sum of $447,120 from speeding fines in its initial five months.

This program, an element of the city’s Vision Zero strategy to enhance community safety, utilizes four automated speed cameras. These cameras, installed during the summer, are regularly moved among 16 different spots in 30 km/h zones near schools, with relocations occurring every three months.


From August 1st to December 31st, the program has recorded 3,820 violations, contributing to the substantial revenue.

Redflex, the company behind these cameras, is responsible for their operation and maintenance. This firm offers traffic enforcement solutions and services worldwide, catering to governments, police, and traffic authorities. Redflex is a part of Verra Mobility, a company based in Arizona focusing on safe transportation technologies.


In the third quarter of 2023, Verra Mobility’s government solutions division, which includes government-contracted initiatives like Ontario’s Automated Speed Enforcement program, reported revenues of $90.3 million.

When a vehicle is caught speeding by a Redflex camera, the captured image is stored and forwarded to a central processing facility in Toronto. This center operates on behalf of all participating municipalities.


The operation costs of this center are distributed among these municipalities. The city’s share of the total expenses is calculated based on its proportion of the overall tickets issued in the province.

There is growing concern among residents about the lengthy processing times for these tickets. It’s reported that it often takes three to four weeks for tickets to reach recipients by mail, potentially leading to an increase in individual infractions for residents.

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