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The Bubble Lady in Guelph

Guelph Bubble Lady ‘Purveyor of Bubbly Joy’

In Guelph, a local woman creates joyous moments for visitors, crafting one enormous bubble after another. Gillian Bakar shared to the Caught in Guelph (and Area) community of her fun run in with the Bubble Lady at Riverside Park.

After a 30-year teaching career, Lynn Hancock began her journey into the mesmerizing world of ‘bubbling’ in 2013, post-retirement and upon settling in Guelph.


“It’s been deeply fulfilling to share this experience with others,” she expressed.

Using her tailored tools and specially formulated bubble mixture, Hancock crafts ephemeral wonders. She’s noticed a particularly uplifting impact on individuals during the pandemic.

“Many approach me, sensing an innate tranquility and peace the bubbles bring,” she observed.

Hancock generously provides complimentary bubble-making kits for those keen on trying their hand. Although she usually takes a break during colder months, she plans to continue her enchanting displays as long as the weather allows.

The Bubble Lady in Guelph
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