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Guelph Fire Department and Guelph Humane Society Rescue Raccoon

This #WildlifeWednesday post by Guelph Humane Society highlights the rescue of a raccoon that became trapped in a sewer grate. Officer Asha initially responded but needed assistance, so Officer Brooke joined with warm water and lubricant to try and free the raccoon. When these attempts were unsuccessful, it was decided that the grate had to be removed. To minimize the raccoon’s stress, the officers sedated it and called for additional help.


Our friends at the Guelph Fire Department responded very quickly to the plea. They were able to chip away at the ice and after only a few minutes, the grate was lifted and Officers Asha and Brooke were able to carefully contain the raccoon and transport her back to the Guelph Humane Society.


At the shelter, Officer Brooke began to examine for injuries and melt ice off of the raccoon that was stuck tightly to her fur. Once complete, Officer Brooke began to slowly introduce a heating source carefully in order to avoid sending the raccoon into a state of shock from the change in temperature. Our Officers then placed her gently in a kennel with warm towels, food and water.

The next day, Officer Asha transported the raccoon back to the area she was found and safely released her back in to her natural environment.


A huge thank you from our team to the Guelph Fire Department for all their hard work and assistance in rescuing this raccoon!

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