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Guelph General Hospital Update

Guelph General Hospital Reduces Masking Requirements


We are pleased to share that you will be seeing even more faces in the hallways the next time you visit with us, as we move to phase two our new mask-friendly approach. Please be assured that we continue to take every precaution necessary to ensure you feel safe, respected, and supported in our care.

Effective June 1, 2023, we will begin phase two of our mask-friendly approach. What you can expect in phase two:

Our staff, patients, families, caregivers, and volunteers are encouraged but not required to wear masks.

There will be unique situations as determined by a member of our care team, where masks will be required. This would include situations where a patient is in isolation, under additional precautions, or presenting to our Emergency Department with a respiratory illness and awaiting care. We will inform you if a mask is required.
We want to ensure that you feel comfortable receiving care at Guelph General Hospital. If you request that a member of our care team wear a mask while interacting with you, we will place one on.

Masking stations will remain available at the entrances to our facilities as well as at nursing stations for anyone that prefers to wear one. There are also collection bins at various locations across the hospital where you can discard disposable masks as part of our green, waste diversion initiative.

Entering into this next phase will feel different for everyone, just as the first phase did. It is important that we continue to respect each other’s choices.

Thank you.

Karen Suk-Patrick,
Vice President, People & Support Services

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