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Guelph Humane Society to Host Low-Cost Microchip Clinic This Weekend

To help ensure pets can be reunited with their families as quickly as possible, the Guelph Humane Society (GHS) is hosting a low-cost Microchip Clinic on Saturday, March 30th.

“Returning a pet to their family is a top priority for GHS,” says Katherine Lenoard, GHS’s Manager, Programs and Community Outreach. “Microchipping is a form of permanent identification for a pet and it is the most reliable mechanism we have to reconnect a missing pet with their owner as quickly as possible.”

The process is quick and painless and involves the implantation of a chip the size of a grain of rice into the pet, just under the skin between the shoulder blades. Scannable at shelters or veterinary clinics, the microchip stores a unique identification number that links the pet to its owner’s contact information —increasing the likelihood of reuniting lost pets with their owners.


“We are committed to safeguarding families in our community through the delivery of affordable microchip clinics,” says Leonard.

The GHS Microchip Clinic takes place at 190 Hanlon Creek Blvd, on Saturday, March 30th from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m., both cat and dog appointments are available.

The cost of the microchip appointment is only $40 per pet, proceeds from this event will help the GHS provide care and medical treatment to animals in need in our community.

Register for GHS’s Microchip Clinic online at https://guelphhumane.ca/microchip-clinic/, email: programs@guelphhumane.ca, or call 519-824-3091 with any questions.

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