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Guelph Police Buy & Sell Zone

Guelph Police Launches Buy & Sell Zone

The Guelph Police Service has implemented our first Buy & Sell Zone to provide some peace of mind for those buying, selling or trading property online.

There is now a dedicated space on Fountain Street, outside our police headquarters, which can be used for this purpose.

Those meeting new people while finalizing online transactions are encouraged to use the dedicated space to lessen the risk of becoming victims of robbery, theft or fraud while attempting to buy or sell property. Please note the Guelph Police Service does not assume responsibility for the transactions and will not be monitoring use of the space.


Buyers or sellers unable to utilize the Buy & Sell Zone are encouraged to complete transactions in public, well-lit areas.

To protect yourself from becoming a victim, we recommend the following precautions:

  • Complete the transaction during daytime hours only
  • Bring someone with you, or if this is not possible let a trusted friend or relative know who you will be meeting with as well as the time and location of the meeting
  • Never complete a transaction by mail
  • Inspect any property you are planning to buy before providing payment
  • Limit the amount of personal information you provide to someone you don’t know
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