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Guelph Rankeed Top 4 Cities for Cheaters Guelph News

Guelph Ranked Top Four Cities for Cheaters

According to the latest data from Ashley Madison, there is a significant presence of individuals engaging in infidelity in various cities in Ontario, Canada.

Based on Ashley Madison’s annual report, Barrie and several other Ontario cities have emerged as the top destinations in Canada for summer affairs. The report evaluates Canadian cities by calculating the proportion of adulterers per capita.

In the rankings, Barrie has made a notable leap from the tenth position in 2022 to secure the second spot in 2023, placing just below St. John’s, N.L. Guelph claims the fourth position, followed by Kitchener-Waterloo in fifth place. Kingston ranks seventh, while London secures the ninth spot.

Ashley Madison’s list is compiled by analyzing the number of signups to their extramarital dating service between June and September 2022 in Canadian cities.


Returning to this year’s list are Oshawa at the thirteenth position and Hamilton at the twentieth spot. Both cities had previously appeared on the list in 2021.

It’s worth noting that Hamilton’s current ranking is significantly lower compared to its fifth-place position in 2018.

“As one of the world’s most progressive countries, Canada is no stranger to the appeal of non-monogamy and more Canadians are exploring possibilities beyond the confines of monogamy,” the press release states.

Back in 2019, Guelph held the number one position.

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