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Guelph Senior Scammed Out of $30,000

The Guelph Police Service reminds the public to be careful about sharing personal information after a senior citizen was scammed out of $30,000.

On Saturday the victim in her 70s received a phone call from a male claiming to be from the CIBC fraud department. He said her credit card had been compromised and that another female had taken her money. He advised the complainant that in order to get her money back she would need to provide the number of her credit card and her debit card.


The victim reported that the male told her the money would have to be transferred to another account then back into hers. It was not until Monday she noticed that the entirety of her chequing and savings accounts and her line of credit were emptied.

Residents are encouraged to be wary of any telephone call, email or text which requires you to take immediate action and to never provide personal or banking information. If a caller claims to be representing a bank or other organization it is always best to independently contact the organization and confirm the legitimacy of the call before taking action.

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