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Guelph Senior Scammed Out of $5,800

The Guelph Police Service is once again urging the public to be cautious when dealing with unknown people on the phone after a senior was scammed out of $5,800.

The victim in her 70s contacted police Thursday. She reported receiving a call on Wednesday from someone identifying himself as a lawyer and requesting assistance with getting someone out on bail, but could not remember the details of the conversation. The victim attended her bank and withdrew $5,800 cash, telling staff it was for a vacation.


While still on the phone with the scammer, she then attended a convenience store in the south end and was given instructions to deposit the cash into a Bitcoin ATM.

Money deposited into a Bitcoin wallet is very difficult to trace and the transactions cannot be reversed. Residents are encouraged to be wary of any telephone call, email or text which requires you to take immediate action. It is always best to independently contact the supposed sender and confirm the legitimacy of the correspondence before taking action. If you are unsure, ask a trusted friend or family member or call the Guelph Police Service for advice.

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