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Guelph Speed Camera Vandalized (Poll Added)

In a post shared to the community an image of the speed camera box currently at St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School having been vandalized. 

Probably because of this person the speed camera was put up in first place!!!!

The post quickly garnered hundreds of reacts and comments from the community, with many who feel that these cameras do little to enhance safety but is more of a revenue tool.

Do you support Speed Cameras in school zones?

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Speed cameras, often touted as tools for enhancing road safety, have been met with skepticism by a segment of the public who view them as little more than revenue-generating devices for municipalities. Critics argue that their primary function is not to ensure safety but to serve as a consistent source of income. The placement of these cameras, often in areas with minimal safety concerns but high traffic flow, further fuels the perception that their main objective is to capitalize on unsuspecting motorists. While proponents highlight their role in deterring speeding, the debate continues on whether their primary role is safety or simply a financial cash grab.

Thai Mac made a notable comment:

Someone commented above about speed bumps in school zones – that would physically FORCE people from literally speeding (24/7). But it doesn’t generate revenue. 😉

David Pavao also shared images of the damaged device.

I went to see the camera as it’s around the corner from me, they messed it up good.

In a proactive move to enhance road safety, especially for the city’s youngest residents, Guelph introduced speed cameras in school zones. This initiative, which was rolled out in 2023, aims to deter speeding in areas where children frequently cross or access the roads. The decision to implement these cameras was driven by a commitment to protect students and foster a safer environment around educational institutions. While some view speed cameras with skepticism, their presence in school zones underscores the city’s dedication to prioritizing the safety of its residents, particularly the young ones. The cameras serve as a reminder for motorists to adhere to speed limits and exercise caution in areas bustling with students.

Head on over to the Caught in Guelph (and Area) community and join in on the conversation in Guelph today.

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