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Princess Margaret Cottage Lottery 50/50 Draw

Guelph Woman Wins $2.6M in World’s Biggest 50/50 Draw

It was announced this morning that Janice Best of Guelph is the winner of the World’s Largest 50/50 Draw by the Princess Margaret Cottage Lottery. 

The Princess Margaret Lottery is a significant charitable event in Ontario, Canada, and is run by the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The proceeds from the lottery go towards supporting breakthrough research, patient care, and education at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top five cancer research centers in the world.

The lottery offers a wide range of prizes, including luxurious dream homes, cars, vacations, and cash prizes, drawing significant public interest and participation. Over the years, the lottery has become a well-anticipated event in Ontario, raising substantial funds to help improve cancer treatments and work towards a future without cancer. It embodies community spirit, generosity, and a collective effort towards an essential cause. 

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