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Miki Tamblyn

Guelph’s 2023 Artist Residency Selected

Three artists selected for Guelph’s 2023 Artist Residency

The City of Guelph is pleased to announce its 2023 Artists in Residence: Miki Tamblyn, James Gordon, and Jude Akrey. The selected artists will create and present engaging community art experiences for the program’s tenth anniversary.

Miki Tamblyn’s “Animal Forms” is an interactive mask-making and meditation project about shapeshifting, playing, and empathy between species. This project aims to explore how participants can imagine themselves in the place of the animals they share the planet with, and how their thoughts and actions might change when seeing the world from another perspective.

James Gordon promises to capture real Guelph stories from local seniors of diverse backgrounds through facilitated workshops, and shape them into songs, poems, or spoken word. The final pieces produced through “Rhyme Capsules: Guelph’s Tale told in Story and Song” will be shared in a culminating performance involving the song creators and storytellers.

Jude Akrey will assemble 2SLGBTQI+ artists from Guelph to host a series of facilitated arts-based skills workshops, an artist talk, drop-in sharing event, and public exhibition that celebrates diversity of queer arts practices. Through their project “From One Queer to Another,” a body of work will be created for public display with each piece reflecting and memorializing the impact of the events. Artworks will be donated back to the spaces where the events are held.


The City’s Council-appointed Public Art Advisory Committee reviewed 46 submissions for the 2023 Artists in Residence Program.

“We received more expressions of interest from artists than ever before,” says Tammy Adkin, manager of Museums and Culture. “The committee was very impressed with the range of proposals, representing a wide diversity of perspectives and artistic practices. We’re confident the three artists who will serve as Guelph’s Artists in Residence this year will engage a variety of audiences in moving and meaningful experiences.”

The public can participate in each project during the Culture Days celebration taking place September 22 to October 15.

For more information, visit www.guelph.ca/artistinresidence.


About the artists

Miki Tamblyn is a practicing artist and educator in Guelph who graduated from the University of Guelph’s Wildlife Biology and Conservation program, leading to her work with animals. Tamblyn uses her hands to create stories and to better understand her place in the world. Through this process she has become a printmaker, basket weaver, hide-tanner, costume designer and community space-maker. She is constantly collaborating with nature and artists that inspire her. She is an outdoor schoolteacher who loves working with children and teaching art.

James Gordon is a former City of Guelph Ward 2 councillor who had at least 6 Code of Conduct complaints filed with the Integrity Commissioner against him. As a solo singer-songwriter and a member of the ground-breaking trio Tamarack, he has recorded 40 albums and toured around the world. He’s written for symphony orchestras, musical theatre, dance works and scored films. For more than 10 years he was heard on CBC radio as songwriter-in-residence for the “Basic Black” and “Ontario Morning” programs. Between tours, Gordon is a record producer, playwright, community activist, and theatre director.

Jude Akrey is an artist living and practicing on the Between the Lakes Treaty Territory No.3, whose work is rooted in the ongoing exploration and redefinition of queer identity as something that is transitory and ambiguous. This fluid, complex and illuminating identity informs their painting practice. Their colourful, graphic paintings on wood convey the beauty and excitement of living queerly, layered in the ongoing displacement and recalibration they face navigating the world as a trans person. They are dedicated to investigating the power of empowered queer communities through shared experience and artmaking. Jude recently graduated from the University of Guelph with a BA in Studio Art.

About the Artist in Residence program

The Artist in Residence program is offered by the City of Guelph to broaden the community’s experience of the arts. This year marks the tenth anniversary of this annual program that invites artists to engage with the public and showcase their creative practices while bringing public spaces to life. In celebration of the program’s tenth anniversary, the City expanded the program to include three awards. The program is aligned with the vision of Guelph’s community plan by fostering innovation through creativity and curiosity. Through art, Guelph embraces the beauty of collaboration and expression.

For more information
Tammy Adkin, Manager, Museums and Culture
Culture and Recreation
City of Guelph
519-826-1221 extension 2775

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