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Guelph’s Hidden Syndicate: The Rise and Influence of the Italian Mafia

Guelph, Ontario, has a rich but often overlooked history connected to organized crime, primarily involving the Italian immigrant community from the early 20th century. A significant portion of this history revolves around the “Legends of the Morgeti” and figures like Rocco Perri, who were prominent in Guelph’s Italian community and linked to the mafia activities.

In the early 1900s, many Italian immigrants in Guelph came from San Giorgio Morgeto, Calabria, Italy. These individuals initially sought to establish themselves peacefully in their new environment. However, facing discrimination and social exclusion, some turned to organized crime as a means of solidarity and survival. The criminal activities included bootlegging, theft, murder, and assault, becoming particularly notable during the Prohibition era when the demand for illegal alcohol fueled the rise of mafia activities.


“Legends of the Morgeti,” a detailed account by Jerry Prager, documents these activities and attempts to provide a socio-political context to these events. Prager suggests that such criminal undertakings were often reactionary, driven by the marginalization these communities faced from Guelph’s predominantly British-descended governing class, which was largely dismissive of Southern Italians and other immigrant groups.

Moreover, the narrative of mafia involvement in Guelph includes stories of individuals like Frank Sylvestro, who is remembered for his community influence and protective nature towards fellow immigrants, highlighting a complex picture of mafia figures as both community protectors and participants in criminal enterprises.


This nuanced portrayal provides a deeper understanding of the socio-economic conditions that fostered organized crime within Guelph’s Italian community, reflecting broader patterns seen in immigrant communities across North America during the early to mid-20th century.

For more comprehensive details on this aspect of Guelph’s history, the writings of Jerry Prager, such as “Legends of the Morgeti,” are invaluable resources. These texts explore the intertwining of Guelph’s development with the lives of its immigrant populations and their sometimes tumultuous integration into Canadian society.

Guelph Museums

For a deeper exploration into the history of the mafia in Guelph, Ontario, especially related to its Italian community, here are some valuable resources and references:

  1. Legends of the Morgeti – Volume One by Jerry Prager – This book provides detailed accounts of organized crime in Guelph’s Italian community from 1900-1922, discussing notable figures and their connections within the community. It is a rich source for understanding the socio-political dynamics that led to mafia involvement among Italian immigrants in Guelph. More about this can be explored in the Wellington County Museum and Archives:
    Legends of the Morgeti at Wellington County Museum & Archives
  2. Legends of the Morgeti – Volume Two expands on these themes, delving into specific events and key figures who played pivotal roles in the 1920s and 1930s. This volume also examines the expansion of mafia activities into broader Ontario.
  3. Legends of the Morgeti – Volume Three reflects on the long-term impact of these early criminal organizations, exploring how they influenced both the community and the broader Canadian context up to the mid-20th century.
  4. Blog Posts by Jerry Prager – Jerry Prager’s blog posts provide additional socio-political context and personal anecdotes related to the Italian mafia’s activities in Guelph, giving a broader perspective on how these communities navigated their societal challenges.

These resources provide comprehensive insights into the intertwining of Guelph’s immigrant communities with the city’s socio-economic fabric, particularly through the lens of organized crime.

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