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Human remains were discovered in Royal City Park today.

Updated: Male Identified; Human Remains Discovered at Royal City Park

Update – September 07, 2023 @ 9:58am

Police Continue to Investigate Human Remains

The Guelph Police Service continues to investigate after human remains were found near a downtown park Wednesday afternoon.

Police were called to the area of Royal City Park near Gordon Street and Wellington Street just after 4 p.m. Officers located a deceased adult male between a storage shed and treed area at the edge of the park.

The investigation is ongoing. Police have been able to identify the male and his next of kin has been notified. At this time there is nothing to suggest the death is suspicious.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sergeant Trevor Byard at 519-824-1212, ext. 7210, email him at tbyard@guelphpolice.ca, leave an anonymous message for Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or leave an anonymous tip online at www.csgw.tips.


Authorities report the discovery of human remains near Royal City Park, a short distance from Guelph’s downtown area.

The report of a potential deceased individual in the vicinity was relayed to Guelph police at approximately 4:10 p.m., originating from an unidentified source.

“Officers arrived a short time later and did find human remains at a plaza here at this location,” stated Scott Tracey of Guelph police.

By 7 p.m., the presence of multiple police vehicles was noted at the intersection of Wellington Street West and Gordon Street, adjacent to Royal City Park. Areas of a neighboring parking lot were sealed off with police tape.

According to officials, the body was located between a “shed-type garage and some bushes,” positioning it out of immediate view.


While authorities have not yet determined the gender of the deceased, they suspect it to be an adult. The duration the body has been at the site and the circumstances of the death remain uncertain.

“We’re not clear for how long, it certainly hasn’t been here for months,” commented Tracey. “That will be part of the investigation in terms of how long the person has been deceased.”

The ongoing inquiry will keep police engaged at the site for an extended period.

“They’ll be collecting evidence. We have a drone that we had up in the air,” Tracey mentioned.

Given the body’s proximity to both the plaza and park – frequently visited locations – its discovery is even more significant.

“This is a very well-used plaza,” noted Tracey. “Royal City Park adjacent to the plaza also sees a lot of activity, housing amenities like a playground and a sizeable gazebo nearby.”

As of Thursday morning, police investigations were ongoing at the site.

Individuals with relevant details are encouraged to reach out to the police.

Guelph Police Update – September 07, 2023


An area near the southern part of Royal City Park, close to the city center, has been cordoned off while the Guelph police investigate the discovery of human remains earlier this Wednesday afternoon.

According to police spokesperson Scott Tracey, the discovery was reported at approximately 4:10 p.m. when an individual spotted the remains in shrubbery near the LCBO parking lot. Multiple police units, including a forensics team, are currently at the location.


For now, both Gordon Street and the LCBO parking lot remain accessible to the public.

Human remains were discovered in Royal City Park today.
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