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Intimate Image Shared Guelph News

Male Lost $550 – Nudes Shared to Family & Friends

The Guelph Police Service is strongly urging people not to share intimate images online after a male lost $550 and still had a nude photo shared with friends and family.

The 22-year-old contacted police Tuesday. He reported he had begun chatting with an unknown person he believed to be a female, eventually sending the person a nude photo. The person then demanded $550 or the photo would be shared with the male’s contacts.

He sent the money, but when he refused to pay more the photo was sent to his friends and aunt.

Due to the technology used in these scams, and that the suspects are often believed to be operating from another country, they are very difficult to investigate and recovering lost funds is nearly impossible. Residents are strongly encouraged to be cautious when communicating with parties previously unknown to them, and to avoid providing sensitive information including photographs.

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