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Cracked Hydro Poles Alectra

Most Cracked Poles Not a Concern

Cracked Hydro Poles AlectraConcerns first emerged within the Caught in Guelph (and Area) community about the declining state of several streetlight poles on Stone Road West, between Woodland Glen Drive and the Hanlon. However, Alectra, the entity in charge of the poles, reassures there’s no cause for alarm.

Wayne Archer first posted on July 31st about the cracked poles.

Alectra’s Digital Communications Specialist, Lee Dapp, stated, “After a conversation with our operations team, I was assured that the poles are structurally secure and safe.” She elaborated that the formation of cracks is likely due to the cycles of freezing and thawing experienced by these concrete poles over time. This leads to stress cracks which permit water infiltration, exacerbating the crack’s size.

Dapp further explained that Alectra conducts routine checks of all their infrastructure, including poles, wires, and other equipment, and is fully aware of the Stone Road poles’ condition. While acknowledging that wear and tear, including cracks and decay, can naturally occur over time, she pointed out that concrete poles typically have a lifespan of 60 years.

Nevertheless, the pole exhibiting the most significant crack on Stone Road West is on the replacement schedule in the foreseeable future. Dapp emphasized, “We hold a shared responsibility for safety, and while we regularly inspect our equipment, we encourage the public to report any observed damages.”


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