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Most Red Light Tickets Issued at Downtown Intersection

Most Red Light Tickets Issued at Downtown Intersection

During 2022, the city of Guelph issued a total of 3,580 tickets as part of its red light camera program. Interestingly, nearly half of these tickets were associated with a single intersection – the one located at Wyndham Street South and Wellington Street East.

The red light camera program, which operated for its first full year, generated $284,885 in revenue, which is utilized to cover the program’s expenses and fund other road safety initiatives.

Out of the six red light camera locations in Guelph, the Wyndham Street South and Wellington Street East intersection proved to be the most active, with a staggering 1,566 tickets issued. The peak month for violations at this location was June, with 222 tickets recorded.

City officials emphasize the importance of red light cameras as they help reduce the severity of injuries resulting from collisions, particularly right-angle collisions and instances of vehicles running red lights.


As of now, specific details regarding the impact of red light cameras on collision frequency and severity are not available.

The other red light camera locations and their respective ticket counts are as follows:

  • Scottsdale Drive at Stone Road West (576 tickets issued)
  • Eramosa Road at Stevenson Street North (484 tickets issued)
  • Clair Road at Gordon Street (441 tickets issued)
  • Speedvale Avenue West at Dawson Road (273 tickets issued)
  • Imperial Road at Willow Road (240 tickets issued)

When captured by red light cameras, violations do not result in demerit points. Instead, the fine is directed to the registered owner of the vehicle, regardless of who was driving at the time of the offense.


Information regarding the number of potential ticket recipients with obscured license plates at the time of the offense was not provided by city officials.

Liraz Fridman, the road safety supervisor for the city, clarified that a red light camera ticket is only issued after a provincial offenses officer reviews the footage and confirms that all criteria for charging have been met, including clear visibility of the license plate.

On a related note, the city plans to install a series of speed enforcement cameras starting August 1. The initial locations for these cameras will be:

  • Westwood Road, in front of Westwood Road Public School
  • Colonial Drive, in front of St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School
  • Metcalfe Street, in front of King George Public School
  • Ironwood Drive, in front of Fred A. Hamilton Public School

These speed enforcement cameras will be rotated every three months and will focus on designated community safety zones near schools. Speeding violations will lead to fines issued to the vehicle owner, based on the recorded speed, regardless of who was driving at the time of the violation.

Additional locations where speed enforcement cameras are to be used are:

  • Taylor Evans Public School at Stephanie Drive
  • Cornerstone Christian School at Forest Street
  • John McCrae Public School at Water Street
  • St. Joseph Catholic School at Guelph Street
  • St. Paul Catholic School at Clairfields Drive East
  • Victory Public School at Exhibition Street
  • Ecole Guelph Lake Public School at Severn Drive
  • Brant Avenue Public School at Brant Avenue
  • Ecole Arbour Vista Public School at McCann Street
  • William C. Winegard Public School at Lee Street
  • Central Public School at Dublin Street North
  • June Avenue Public School at June Avenue
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