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Multiple Charges After Motorcycle Collision

A 19-year-old man from Caledon is facing numerous charges after he was involved in a collision with a stationary vehicle while riding a motorcycle in the eastern region on Sunday night.

Police were summoned to the intersection of Couling Crescent and Watson Parkway North around 10 p.m. A witness had reported the incident and suspected the motorcyclist was under the influence of alcohol.

Upon interacting with the motorcyclist, officers detected a scent of alcohol and noticed other impairment indicators, according to a police statement. 

The investigation purportedly revealed the man was not authorized to operate a vehicle and he was subsequently arrested. He was transported to the hospital following complaints of minor injuries sustained during the accident.


Authorities report the individual repeatedly declined to provide a breath sample when asked.

The man has been charged with driving under the influence, refusal to provide a breath sample, unauthorized driving, lack of insurance, and utilization of an illegal license plate.

In addition to these charges, the accused’s driver’s license was automatically suspended for a period of 90 days and his motorcycle has been seized.

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