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No More Indoor Shooting Range or 4th Floor Renos for Guelph Police

In a move to trim down the projected budget for 2024-2033, multiple initiatives have been removed from the Guelph Police Service’s decade-long capital plan.

The indoor shooting range and the fourth-floor upgrades are among the projects that have been postponed. The estimated costs for these were $7.4 million and $14.5 million, respectively.

As of a few months ago, the service had plans to enlarge its headquarters’ fourth floor within the coming four years and establish a new indoor training center to mitigate issues related to noise, weather, and long-range shooting.


Following the board meeting in July where these projects were unveiled, municipal staff asked the service to reevaluate the budget. The options were to either delay capital projects or contemplate raising property taxes to ensure full budget funding.

In the course of this review, the City of Guelph verified that there was no need for the service to vacate its current location at the CRESC facility, allowing the fourth-floor upgrades to be put on hold.


A recent report states “Due to the deferral of the construction costs beyond the 10-year period for both this project and the indoor range, staff also postponed the planning phase and will allocate the funds for a needs assessment for both the fourth floor and the service‚Äôs firing ranges.”

By postponing various initiatives, the service has effectively reduced the projected capital budget by $26 million. As a result, the capital budget is now fully funded, with each project having a designated source of funding.

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