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OPP Kicks Off 2024 with Newest Canine Member Edo

Kicking off 2024 by introducing one of the newest OPP Canine members, Edo! This regal 2-year-old Belgian Malinois is a General Service Dog working in Thunder Bay. Eager to please, Edo has a keen eye and a bright future ahead!


Belgian Malinois are renowned for their role as police dogs, prized for their intelligence, agility, and loyalty. These medium-sized dogs possess a strong work ethic and an exceptional ability to focus on tasks, making them ideal for various police duties. Their keen sense of smell and alertness are invaluable in search and rescue operations, narcotics and explosives detection, and tracking suspects. Belgian Malinois are also known for their speed and strength, which are crucial in apprehending criminals. Despite their fierce and protective nature on duty, they are also known for their ability to switch off and be sociable and gentle, making them well-suited for community policing roles. Their versatility, coupled with a strong desire to please their handlers, makes Belgian Malinois an indispensable asset to law enforcement agencies worldwide.

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