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University of Guelph Homecoming

Police Cost for University of Guelph Homecoming Over $97K

Guelph Police Service Chief Gord Cobey reported that the Safe Semester Program and the University of Guelph’s Homecoming in September went off without any unexpected incidents. He disclosed the financial details of extra security measures during the Guelph Police Services Board meeting on October 19.

Cobey emphasized the significance of both Safe Semester and Homecoming to the community and the police force. He also highlighted the collaborative efforts of various organizations, such as the City of Guelph, the University of Guelph, Guelph Transit, Guelph Wellington Paramedic Service, and the Guelph Fire Department, in ensuring public safety.


Regarding the Safe Semester initiative downtown, Cobey stated that extra resources were allocated to bolster the neighborhood service platoons and the university’s Campus Safety Office on Fridays and Saturdays from September 1 to 22. A total of 54 additional officers were deployed to assist the Guelph Police Service, and another 13 were assigned to support the university.

Cobey revealed that the overall expenditure for the Safe Semester Program amounted to $46,708.68, with the university contributing $7,874. For the Homecoming event, the total cost was $97,205.10, with the university chipping in $20,800.60. He also noted that 58 officers were deployed specifically for the Homecoming festivities.

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