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Alcohol in Parks Toronto Pilot Project

Poll: Should Guelph Allow Alcohol in Parks?

Toronto’s Alcohol in the Parks pilot project is a novel initiative undertaken by the city to enable residents to legally consume alcohol in select public parks. Launched as a pilot, the aim is to assess the impact and determine if a more permanent policy change is feasible and beneficial for the city’s public spaces. This groundbreaking project recognizes the city’s changing social landscape and aims to accommodate different forms of public leisure, especially in light of how residents’ relationship with public spaces has evolved.

The project involves a measured approach, allowing alcohol consumption in specific public parks during certain hours, with an emphasis on responsible and moderate drinking. It is set up with certain rules and restrictions to ensure that parks remain safe, clean, and enjoyable for all users. The pilot project aims to strike a balance between enhancing enjoyment of public spaces and maintaining public order. Feedback and data from this pilot will be integral in shaping future policy, possibly paving the way for a more inclusive and liberal use of public parks in Toronto.

From August 2 to October 9, 2023, people aged 19 years and older can bring and drink their own alcoholic beverages to 27 select City parks. There are more than 1,500 parks across the city.

All park events where alcohol will be sold or served to the public still require a City of Toronto Special Event permit and a permit/license from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.


We’re asking Guelph residents, should Guelph also allow Alcohol in Parks? Vote in the poll below and share!

Should Guelph allow alcohol in parks?

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Alcohol in Parks

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