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Missing Person Nathan

Search for Nathan

Nathan is 37-years-old man whom police say is a vulnerable man ‘unable to take care of himself’. He is four-feet-six-inches tall and weighs approximately 170lbs, police said. At the time of his disappearance, he had a full beard and moustache.

Nathan has been missing since Friday, May 12, 2023.  Nathan used to live in Kitchener but recently moved to Toronto to live with his sister after their father passed away. It is believed that he is attempting to make his way back to the KW region.

There was a confirmed sighting of him in Puslinch on Wednesday and an unconfirmed sighting of him in the south end of Guelph on Thursday. He is believed to be alone and on foot.

Many people have asked about a wallet or phone. Nathan did not have either on him.
There was a sighting of Nathan by Aberfoyle on March 17 at a gas station. The employee contacted police. Officer Kinghorn stated that this is not a confirmed sighting.

For a sighting to be confirmed, it needs to be by someone who knows it’s Nathan for sure. Someone who knows him. The sighting is still important and being investigated.

At this point, police continue to investigate in Toronto and explore leads within and outside of Toronto.

Search for Nathan Facebook Group

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