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Impaired Driving Arrest

Six Impaired Arrests in Last Few Days

Six drivers were taken off the road for impaired driving in Guelph in the last few days, including a Cambridge male found passed out in his vehicle at work.

Approximately 10:30 a.m. Friday, police received a call about a male drinking in a vehicle outside the LCBO store on Scottsdale Drive. The vehicle was located a short time later in a parking lot on York Road and the owner, a 48-year-old Guelph male, was arrested for impaired driving.

Just after 5 p.m. Friday, emergency services were called to a parking lot near Victoria Road South and York Road for reports of a male passed out in a vehicle. A window was smashed to get the male out of the vehicle. A 29-year-old Guelph male is charged with refusing to provide a breath sample.


Approximately 3 a.m. Saturday, officers located a male passed out in a vehicle downtown and observed vomit inside and outside the vehicle. The vehicle matched the description of one involved in a hit and run earlier in the night. A 28-year-old Guelph male is charged with impaired driving.

Just before 6 p.m. Saturday, an officer on patrol stopped a vehicle for speeding on Woodlawn Road near Inverness Drive. The driver, a 35-year-old Guelph male, had a strong odour of alcoholic beverage on his breath and was arrested for impaired driving.


Approximately 8:15 p.m. Sunday, officers conducted a traffic stop on Clairfields Drive West and noted a strong odour of alcoholic beverage on the driver’s breath. A 24-year-old Waterloo male was arrested for impaired driving.

Just after 2 p.m. Monday, officers were called to a workplace on Elmira Road South where they found a male passed out in a vehicle and observed an open bottle of vodka on the passenger seat. A 34-year-old Cambridge male was arrested for impaired operation.


Each of the accused had their licences suspended for 90 days and their vehicles impounded for seven days. They were all released on upcoming court dates.

The Guelph Police Service would like to encourage the public to always consume alcohol and cannabis responsibly. Please don’t drive if you are going to consume alcohol or cannabis, and please ensure that you plan ahead so that you have a safe ride home. Anyone who spots a suspected impaired driver is asked to immediately call 911.

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