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Spreading Its Suction: Barnacle Device Expands Across Canadian Cities

The Barnacle parking enforcement device is making its mark as a modern solution to parking violations, replacing traditional methods like the boot or towing with a more user-friendly and less confrontational approach.

The Barnacle is a bright yellow device that adheres to a vehicle’s windshield using commercial-grade suction cups, effectively blocking the driver’s view and immobilizing the vehicle without causing damage. Motorists can remove the device themselves by entering a code or paying a fine via a mobile app, after which they return it to a designated drop box.

Can you beat the Barnacle?

The use of the Barnacle parking enforcement device is increasingly being used in Canada, having appeared in Saskatchewan and now expanding to other regions. This device, known for its distinctive yellow color and secure attachment via suction cups, immobilizes vehicles by obstructing the driver’s view until fines are paid.


It’s noted for being less invasive than towing or clamping, and has been deployed in various settings, including universities where it’s used as a last resort for persistent violators. The device has gained attention for its effectiveness and ease of use, often going viral when introduced in new areas.


The technology’s adoption in various U.S. locations and its growing popularity suggest the increased expansion into Canadian market as more organizations look for efficient and non-confrontational parking enforcement solutions. 

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