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SUV Discovered on Sidewalk with Passed Out Impaired Driver

An Ayr woman faces impaired driving and drug charges after she was found passed out in a vehicle Wednesday morning.

Approximately 4:15 a.m. an officer on patrol discovered an SUV on the sidewalk in the area of Gordon and James streets with a female asleep in the driver’s seat. The vehicle was in reverse.

Officers woke the driver, who appeared confused and had glossy eyes. Vomit was observed on the inside of the driver’s door. When the woman exited the vehicle she was unsteady on her feet and needed an officer to help her walk.


A search of the SUV revealed a baggie of suspected cocaine in the open centre console. The driver was transported to the police station, where a drug recognition expert determined her ability to operate a vehicle was impaired by a drug.

A 27-year-old Ayr woman is charged with impaired driving, possessing a controlled substance and driving without a licence. She will appear in court April 12.

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