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Teen Assaults Female, Steals Her Vehicle

On June 21st, 2023, a teenaged female was driving her friend, a teenaged male, around in the City of Guelph. A verbal dispute ensued as he wanted to be driven to Kitchener and she didn’t want to.

At 12:35pm, the dispute escalated with the male punching the female in the side of the face with a closed fist. The female then pulled into a commercial parking lot located just outside the downtown core and ordered the male out of the motor vehicle.

He got out and began to walk to the driver’s door. She was fearful of being assaulted again so she also got out, moving away from the male. He then entered the driver’s seat and drove away.


A few hours later, police located the unoccupied vehicle, and at 3:24pm, the male was located in the nearby area sitting on a curb. He was subsequently arrested.

A 17-year-old Guelph male has been charged with:

  • Robbery
  • Drive Motor Vehicle – No License

He was held in custody pending a bail hearing on June 22nd.

Please note that the victim did not require medical attention.

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