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90 Carden St Guelph

Tenants Displaced Following 90 Carden St. Sale

Several local organizations in Guelph are alarmed after reports of eviction notices being issued at 90 Carden St., where Stationview Apartments are located, mainly affecting marginalized and low-income residents.

The building was acquired by a Vaughan-based numbered corporation at the end of June for over $8 million, but the future plans for the property remain unknown. Many residents, according to agency workers, would be left homeless, given their financial constraints.

Royal City Mission’s executive director, Kevin Coghill, has voiced grave concerns about rumors of cash payouts for leaving and eviction notices effective from August 1.

The payouts are fleeting, and evictions would lead to limited housing options during the approaching colder months. Some tenants have already moved into encampments, increasing the homelessness issue, says resident Jennifer Windsor.

Anthea Millikin, lawyer and executive director of the Legal Clinic of Guelph and Wellington County, emphasizes that tenants should consult with legal professionals to understand their rights, as eviction requires a legal process, including landlord and tenant board orders and sheriff enforcement.


The situation, causing loss of affordable housing in the downtown area, has sparked fears among community agencies of escalating vulnerability and exacerbating the existing housing crisis.

Millikin and others in the community are actively seeking solutions, recognizing the enormous gap this situation creates.

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