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The Store by GFB

The Store by Guelph Food Bank is Now Open

The Guelph Food Bank has embarked on an inspiring new venture with the opening of The Store by GFB, a novel approach to supporting the community while offering fantastic shopping opportunities. Situated at 100 Crimea St in Guelph, this store is a beacon of hope and assistance for those in need, extending the Food Bank’s mission beyond just providing food support.

The Store by GFB, launched with a soft opening, stands out with its unique promise – nothing in the store is priced over $10. This approach not only makes shopping affordable for everyone but also ensures that a wide range of customers can access high-quality products without financial strain. The store boasts an impressive selection of brand-new clothing, boots, and coats, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of the Guelph community.


What sets The Store by GFB apart is its dual-purpose mission. While it operates like a regular retail store open to the public, the funds generated are funneled back into the Guelph Food Bank’s programs. This innovative model serves a dual benefit: providing the public with affordable goods while simultaneously generating revenue to support and expand the Food Bank’s vital services. As the need for food assistance grows, initiatives like this play a crucial role in sustaining and scaling up community support.

The Store by GFB is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a community hub where every purchase contributes to a greater cause. It exemplifies a sustainable model of social entrepreneurship, where business objectives align seamlessly with community welfare. This initiative is not only a testament to the Guelph Food Bank’s commitment to addressing local needs in creative ways but also an invitation to the community to participate actively in supporting their neighbors. As the store grows and evolves, it’s poised to become a cornerstone of community support and engagement in Guelph.

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