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Guelph Police Service

Toronto Man Charged with $7,000+ Stolen Goods

A Toronto man faces charges after he was arrested in Guelph with nearly $7,000 worth of stolen dental supplies and hygiene products.

Police were called Tuesday afternoon to a business on Woodlawn Road West, where staff reported a theft in progress. As officers arrived they spotted the suspect driving dangerously in an attempt to flee the area and were able to stop the vehicle.

An employee of the business reported the male had placed approximately $700 worth of dental products into a bag which had been modified to prevent detection of security tags. A search incident to arrest revealed two more bags containing more than $6,700 in stolen product. Police believe the male has been involved in similar incidents across Ontario.

A 34-year-old Toronto male is charged with theft over $5,000 and dangerous driving. He was held for a bail hearing Wednesday. 

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