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Vintage Map of Past Guelph Highlights

While cleaning a home in Guelph, Eric Mackenzie came across a dated illustrated map of the City of Guelph.

Indicated to have been printed by Bates and dated circa 1985.

I had found it while doing a clean up of a home in Guelph. And though it was a really neat picture filled with local businesses and short notes of information about Guelph. Example. Lester B. Person played baseball for Guelph. 5 pin bowling was invented by a resident in Guelph!

Some other fun and notable facts about the city of Guelph:

  • Guelph was named after British Royal Family. King George, who was monarch at time of founding of Guelph, he was from Guelph lineage, it was a German family.
  • Guelph Ribfest was home to first cable TV system of North America. Ted created McLean Hunter Television and its first broadcast was Queen Elizabeth Coronation in year 1953.
  • Hat Trick term was also invented in Guelph. Biltmore Hat Company sponsored Guelph hockey team which was called Biltmore Mad Hatters. When three goals were scored by a player, fans were encouraged to throw out their hats onto ice. It was known as “Hat Trick”.
  • Canada’s first municipal motorcycle patrol was from police force from Guelph. Chief Ted  brought back army motorcycle as he used during First World War. Motorcycles were more efficient and  faster than walking.
  • Police force of Guelph was first to have 2-way car radios.
  • Guelph Council set up Canada’s first city as manager system. System’s creator, John McVicar became secretary later of League of American Municipalities.
  • Guelph city planners conceived to convert units in condominiums. Chicago was too impressed with system which they used it as model for city and it has become North American Standard.
  • In 1866, Guelph was one of the Canada’s first militia units of gunners.
  • Guelph was a home to Canada’s army cadet corps and year of founding became part of mane 1882 Wellington.
  • Potters Market, the inventor of Five Pin Bowling, was resident of Guelph.
  • GCVI had very first high school lunch cafeteria.
  • Guelph is very first and municipality in British Commonwealth to have its own railway line. This railway line is around 16 mile and links to CPR and Guelph Junction Railroad.
  • 1460 CJOY was first radio station in Canada to have call in talk show.
  • Wire coat hanger was invented in 1920’s, by Steele’s Wire Spring Company.
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